We are workplace performance and development specialists

The 3edges difference is that they apply academic thinking to commercial challenges. With their ‘thinking tools’ approach they unlock high level thinking with practical application – you get the best of both
— C.M.

Be it cultural, spatial or technological, we deliver actionable workplace performance insights however you need them

From strategic visions, business cases, concept designs and development workshops, to robust research, evidence-based reports, engaging events and media, we’ll help you unlock your workplace advantage

We're social scientists with a rare blend of academic pedigree and commercial awareness, and we’re all about workplace change, for the better

For the sake of your business and your people, can you afford not to be?

3edges and Sheffield Hallam University at the Workplace Trends Learning Environments conference

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Why engage us?

Fact: workplace matters. Every workplace is unique, and its affect is never neutral. It’s where space, culture and technology collide. Your workplace influences how people both function and feel. A great workplace is a catalyst to achieve better organisational performance and outcomes. But ‘workplace’ is often ignored and misunderstood. Many of our clients recognise this and come to us because they: 

  • Need to make a compelling case to improve their workplace – but their organisation isn't listening or doesn’t see workplace as important

  • Can't separate fact from fiction – they lack the data and insight necessary to make informed decisions about their workplace, or capture the impact of changes they’re making

  • Feel overwhelmed – they have a desire to make changes to their workplace but have become wrapped up with industry buzz-words and workspace design solutions

  • Lack the tools or methods to successfully lead change – they need help with the practical steps involved in making sustainable changes to their workplace


Our manifesto

Click here for a free copy of our Workplace Leadership Manifesto, co-created with workplace leader, author and blogger Neil Usher (@workessence)