The outputs from their work have always been practical, well founded, accessible, insightful and bespoke to us - critically their ideas and recommendations were grounded in the reality of our business, the existing building envelope and our financial constraints

I have moved ... to being a genuine advocate of their support in opening minds, informing decisions and shaping direction. We would not have arrived at the point we are today as quickly, as cost effectively, or with the detailed insights and knowledge we have gained had we not engaged 3edges
— D.O.
Working with 3edges has resulted in the co-creation of a really innovative toolkit, which works through the early stages of a project to arrive at a solid design brief, ensuring that project aims are aligned with strategic goals, and that staff are engaged throughout the project

3edges were able to unlock the problems and suggest how we could work better, challenging us and providing valuable insights into the latest workplace thinking. Working with them was enlightening, productive and fun

There’s a sense of true collaboration that I find missing from interactions with other consultancies
— S.O.

Whether you like the word or not, there is a need for workplace consultancy, perhaps now more than ever. Enlightened business leaders realise that if workplace is where workspace, culture and technology collide, they need to understand this interaction thoroughly to be able to make intelligent decisions. We help organisations to develop better workplaces by:

  • Helping them to collect and make sense of the diverse data required to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Such data can be used to underpin business cases, capital investment decisions and the design and procurement of workplace solutions
  • Working with senior leadership teams to help them think differently about the potential of workplace. We help them to focus on the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’ to unlock how the workplace can deliver practical benefits for their organisations
  • Providing change leadership. We co-create and support the implementation of bespoke workplace change solutions using robust tools and methodologies. We recognise that the change journey isn't the same for everyone and foreground the human impact of workplace change
  • Acting as a critical friend. We work alongside our clients to help them to see beyond the industry rhetoric and focus on their own unique requirements

You might engage us before, during or after a workplace change in a range of different scenarios, including for example:

  • Leadership team 'visioning' work, to achieve collective workplace understanding and ownership
  • Stakeholder communication and engagement, to foster open engagement and dialogue
  • Immersive, multi-method consultation, to unearth workplace challenges and conceptualise solutions
  • Service re-design work, to enable an outstanding workplace experience through reimagined support services
  • Pre and post occupancy evaluation, to evidence the multi-faceted impacts of workplace changes and drive improvements