Ian at BIFM learning event, 18 April, Manchester

On April 18 Ian will be joining BIFM's Chairman, Steve Roots, and Herman Miller's Director of Knowledge & Insight, Mark Catchlove, to discuss 'smarter workplaces' at a BIFM Northern Region key learning breakfast event.

These learning events are always tremendously popular, so if you're keen to attend - and can definitely make it - please book your free place on Eventbrite here. Contact Ian @ianellison on the run up to the event with any questions or comments, and be sure to come say hello on the day!  

Thanks to Mark Whittaker for coordinating, and for Autonomous FM for sponsoring this event at Manchester Central.


Neil Usher back on Workplace Matters!

Workplace author, blogger and executive consultant Neil Usher joins 3edges director Ian Ellison again on the day of his ‘The Elemental Workplace’ book launch; also the day the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) announce their proposal to become the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM). Both of these very different, but exciting developments for the workplace discipline are discussed at length, and Neil offers insightful critique as always.

The conversation ends up at one of the new frontiers for workplace - and global society in general - the ethical challenges we face from emerging digital technologies. Further links from the discussion can be found in the show-notes.

Neil was the first ever guest when Workplace Matters launched back in 2016 when he was still Workplace Director at Sky, just before the new Sky Central building, ‘one of the world’s largest, most progressive and amenity-rich agile environments’ started winning awards. Neil left Sky several months later to develop his writing and consultancy aspirations. His initial conversation with Ian is still available as episode 2.

The show is now available on Spotify, as well as Apple Podcasts, Acast, PodBean and CastBox.

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Workplace Matters now on Spotify

We're super-chuffed to have got our Workplace Matters podcast on Spotify. It's still available on Apple Podcasts and Acast, but if you're a Spotify user you've now got the convenience of having our podcast alongside your playlists and favourite tunes! Join those workplace dots and have a binge on great conversations including these with:

  • The Elemental Workplace author and ex Sky Workplace Director Neil Usher
  • Workplace Insight editor Mark Eltringham
  • The Stoddart Review project team leader Polly Plunket
  • BIFM chief insight officer and and ex-Leesman MD Chris Moriarty
  • Chief energy officer of PTHR Perry Timms
  • UCL reader and Brainybirdz co-founder Dr Kerstin Sailer
  • People Analytics author and President & CEO of Humanyze Ben Waber
  • Konnected People MD and ex BIFM chair Julie Kortens
  • Motivational Voice MD Vic O'Farrell
  • Editor of i-FM Simon Iatrou
  • Workplace change agent Will Easton

More episodes coming very soon - be sure to follow/subscribe on your app of choice so you don't miss a thing!

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The workplace pivot: from BIFM to IWFM

It’s going to be a historical 25th year for BIFM. Earlier today, they announced their intent to become the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management through member approval at their AGM on 5th July, and also to actively pursue chartered status. The board and leadership team have worked long and hard on this initiative, informed by research 3edges undertook for them last year. The first public research output is available as a briefing paper called 'FM and the future world of work'. Two further knowledge reports will follow soon, the first exploring the relationship between workplace and FM in more depth, and the second taking a closer look at the impact of emerging technologies on workplace and FM.

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FM's status and tech open to debate

April 10-12 sees the annual Facilities Event at the NEC, Birmingham. It’s a great opportunity to network, take stock of the facilities management (FM) arena, and to learn for free. Ian will be chairing panel debates on April 11 and 12 exploring both FM’s senior contribution and FM’s interrelationship with technology.

PR and communications agency Magenta Associates are busy curating the educational sessions, which also gives us the opportunity for a long overdue conversation with managing director Cathy Hayward about her award winning agency and take on the workplace world, for a future episode of Workplace Matters.

Come and get involved.

If you would like Ian to speak at your corporate event or conference, please get in touch.

 You can register for free  here

You can register for free here

Bridging the gap between FM & HR

Ian heads over to Copenhagen on 21-22 February to record a Danish mini-series of Workplace Matters podcast episodes (check the January newsletter for more about this) and to speak at the quarterly ISS Business Forum, hosted from their global HQ.

The event topic is “what does it take to make FM and HR collaborate?” and 3edges will present alongside Gallup, EY, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and hosts ISS. It should be a fascinating and provocative event, including the concluding panel debate.

You don’t have to attend the event in person. It’s streaming live on Thursday 22 February from 3-5pm CET - please sign up for the global stream here to be part of the event.

If you would like Ian to speak at your corporate event or conference, please get in touch.


New #WorkplaceMatters metacast

It's been a busy week at 3edges HQ. Whilst we continue to work with the British Institute of Facilities Management on our collaborative workplace leadership activities, our daily reveal of the Workplace Leadership Manifesto (co-written with Neil Usher) continues, AND we've got two new episodes of Workplace Matters podcast for you! Passionate about the power of workplace? Who, us?! You bet.

Episodes 15 and 16 are parts 1 and 2 of our inaugural metacast, our new feature where i-FM.net editor Simon Iatrou and workplace provocateur Will Easton join 3edges directors James and Ian to explore non-workplace podcasts as tools to unfold novel workplace perspectives. Hosted by the fantastic Kelham Island Brewery in deepest darkest Sheffield, we discuss a diverse range of workplace topics via the Sony Walkman, cyborgs and social media bullies, blue balls of yarn and Saigon in the 1960s. Intrigued? You should be... it's perfect, thought provoking weekend listening. Go enjoy, and please let us know what you think: does the format work, what other perspectives have we missed, and where should we go next?

Here's a link to listen on desktop, iPhone and other smartphones. Don't forget to subscribe to get future episodes automatically, and please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts - it really helps other folks find the podcast. Cheers.

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 Image by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Image by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

#WpLeadershipManifesto. Days 1-5

We're one week into the daily reveal of our eighteen-point manifesto for workplace leadership. And, like the early wisps of smoke from a new campfire, interest is starting to catch. This week has been all about the fundamentals: what workplace is, its purpose, and the essence of workplace leadership. Here's a quick run down of the headlines so far. If you want more for each point, search #WpLeadershipManifesto on Twitter or LinkedIn:

  1. Workplace is a discipline.
  2. Workplace exists to enable work.
  3. Workplace leaders enable communities. 
  4. Workplace and workspace are not the same.
  5. Workplace is physical and digital.

Next week's five points will go deeper, following a slightly more sociological path as we begin to nudge at some of the often overlooked realities of workplace leadership, and so by implication where people often go wrong. Follow @_3edges to ensure you see each point as the manifesto unfolds. On 31st January the full manifesto will be available for free download in glorious technicolour here from our website, 3edges.co.uk.

What do you think so far? Get involved. We co-created the manifesto with Neil Usher (workessence.com, author of The Elemental Workplace, out 1 March) in an aim to distil workplace leadership into its fundamentals - yet still embrace its scope, potential and nuance - and to promote reflection and learning. It will underpin our forthcoming Workplace Leadership Programme, in partnership with BIFM. Find your workplace voice comrades. Power to the people.

Keen for more? Subscribe to our sparkling new Workplace Matters monthly newsletter for regular updates and carefully crafted, thought-provoking content. Listen to our podcast, available for all platforms.

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Incoming. A Workplace Leadership Manifesto. 8th January

We love manifestos. Manifestos are a call to arms. A declaration of intent. They signal, fundamentally, positive dissatisfaction. They provide direction to inspire but also enough space to make them your own, to live them yourself. They embody the personality of the authors, the essence of movement they represent. They provide - perhaps above all - opportunity, and the optimism that goes with it.

For all of these reasons we'll take a great manifesto over a 'new' management model every time. (Which are rarely new by the way, and they are never perfect. But you probably knew that already.) So Monday 8th January sees the launch of the Workplace Leadership Manifesto. Co-created by 3edges and Neil Usher (workessence.com, author of The Elemental Workplace, out 1 March), we will release one point each working day of January on LinkedIn and Twitter. And it will underpin our forthcoming Workplace Leadership Programme, in partnership with BIFM.

Follow @_3edges to ensure you get each point as the manifesto unfolds. Search #WpLeadershipManifesto. On 31st January the full Workplace Leadership Manifesto will be available for free download right here on our website. Find your workplace voice comrades, whoever and wherever you are. Get involved. Power to the people.


Episode 14 of Workplace Matters now available

In episode 14 of Workplace Matters Ian chats with Antony Slumbers, history of art graduate-cum-proptech entrepreneur, futurist and digital advocate. In a wide ranging discussion, Antony explains why the only option for business success is to embrace our digital future and how this will impact upon our workplaces. The office is dead: long live the imaginarium.

Find out more about Antony at www.antonyslumbers.com and read his provocative article on the death of the office.

Please leave us a shiny Workplace Matters review at Apple Podcasts. Email us with feedback and ideas for episodes at workplacematters@3edges.co.uk

Thanks to www.flokk.com London for hosting this episode recording

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A Workplace Matters mashup - podcast in a brewery

We're excited to announce that on 22 November we will be recording a Workplace Matters roundtable discussion with Simon Latrou from i-fm.net and freelance workplace specialist and longtime friend of 3edges Will Easton

We've posed the challenge of bringing a non-workplace podcast episode to the table to share and discuss its relevance to workplace. So expect an interesting and wide-ranging discussion!

This episode will be available in December - subscribe to Workplace Matters in iTunes or Acast to listen to it and other episodes.

Thanks to the fabulous Kelham Island Brewery for letting us use their Loft Bar for the afternoon. 


Episode 13 of Workplace Matters now available

In episode 13 of Workplace Matters Ian chats with the sparkling Julie Kortens and Vic O’Farrell about the relationship between facilities management and workplace, what they’ve been up to since leaving the BIFM Board, and their fantastic ‘Choice, Chance, Change’ event on 23 November 2017 in London. ¡¡Spoiler alert!! “FM, we’ve always argued, it’s not the right descriptor… It’s bigger than that. Workplace is enormous”. Enjoy!

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Ian due to speak at the ROFMEX conference in Bucharest

Ian will be speaking at this year's Romanian Facility Management Association conference in Bucharest on Thursday 9 November. The conference provides an in-depth look at the current challenges, trends, technological innovations and opportunities in the FM sector. Ian will be talking about how organisations can unlock their workplace advantage. Find out more by watching the video below.

BIFM and 3edges announce new Workplace Leadership Programme

We are delighted to announce that 3edges has entered into a partnership with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) to launch a Workplace Leadership Programme to be delivered through the BIFM Academy, from the first quarter of 2018. The Programme will be aimed at all professional disciplines and will help raise awareness and understanding of how ‘workplace’ can be used as a lever to enhance the performance of people and organisations.

Linda Hausmanis, Chief Executive, at BIFM said “BIFM understands the impact of the workplace on organisations. By ensuring that the opportunities which space, culture and technology present are considered throughout the lifecycle of a facility, FM has a significant influence on how the workplace can evolve. BIFM has a responsibility to encourage and support our members and organisations in its awareness of the workplace. The programme that is being created is about building future capability in the drive to increase productivity and organisational performance”

For more information and early-bird registration opportunities, register your interest in the programme here: www.bifm.org.uk/workplace_leadership