#WpLeadershipManifesto. Days 1-5

We're one week into the daily reveal of our eighteen-point manifesto for workplace leadership. And, like the early wisps of smoke from a new campfire, interest is starting to catch. This week has been all about the fundamentals: what workplace is, its purpose, and the essence of workplace leadership. Here's a quick run down of the headlines so far. If you want more for each point, search #WpLeadershipManifesto on Twitter or LinkedIn:

  1. Workplace is a discipline.
  2. Workplace exists to enable work.
  3. Workplace leaders enable communities. 
  4. Workplace and workspace are not the same.
  5. Workplace is physical and digital.

Next week's five points will go deeper, following a slightly more sociological path as we begin to nudge at some of the often overlooked realities of workplace leadership, and so by implication where people often go wrong. Follow @_3edges to ensure you see each point as the manifesto unfolds. On 31st January the full manifesto will be available for free download in glorious technicolour here from our website, 3edges.co.uk.

What do you think so far? Get involved. We co-created the manifesto with Neil Usher (workessence.com, author of The Elemental Workplace, out 1 March) in an aim to distil workplace leadership into its fundamentals - yet still embrace its scope, potential and nuance - and to promote reflection and learning. It will underpin our forthcoming Workplace Leadership Programme, in partnership with BIFM. Find your workplace voice comrades. Power to the people.

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Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash