Incoming. A Workplace Leadership Manifesto. 8th January

We love manifestos. Manifestos are a call to arms. A declaration of intent. They signal, fundamentally, positive dissatisfaction. They provide direction to inspire but also enough space to make them your own, to live them yourself. They embody the personality of the authors, the essence of movement they represent. They provide - perhaps above all - opportunity, and the optimism that goes with it.

For all of these reasons we'll take a great manifesto over a 'new' management model every time. (Which are rarely new by the way, and they are never perfect. But you probably knew that already.) So Monday 8th January sees the launch of the Workplace Leadership Manifesto. Co-created by 3edges and Neil Usher (, author of The Elemental Workplace, out 1 March), we will release one point each working day of January on LinkedIn and Twitter. And it will underpin our forthcoming Workplace Leadership Programme, in partnership with BIFM.

Follow @_3edges to ensure you get each point as the manifesto unfolds. Search #WpLeadershipManifesto. On 31st January the full Workplace Leadership Manifesto will be available for free download right here on our website. Find your workplace voice comrades, whoever and wherever you are. Get involved. Power to the people.