BIFM manifesto for change discussion on Workplace Matters - available now!

Workplace Matters podcast today features two brand new special episodes. Regular host Ian hands over the interview reins to Simon Iatrou of Magenta Associates, to explore the British Institute of Facilities Management’s intentions to change their name to embrace workplace, and seek chartered status.

Simon is joined by key members of the BIFM leadership team: Chairman Steve Roots, CEO Linda Hausmanis, and Director of Insight Chris Moriarty. Ian also joins the discussion in his professional capacity as 3edges Director and workplace insight specialist, to talk about the research work 3edges have been doing for the BIFM over the past year about the future of FM and its relationship to workplace.

The institute's manifesto for change announcement triggered a lot of industry interest and inevitable discussion on social media. It seemed clear from the comments that there were topics and issues worth digging deeper into, to give Workplace Matters listeners and BIFM members an opportunity for much richer context, so we invited the BIFM leadership team to take open questions directly, and come round the table to discuss them on Workplace Matters.

This is essential listening if you have an interest in the future of FM, the role of professional bodies, and especially if you are a BIFM member. The proposed name change is currently open for qualifying member vote on the run-up to and at BIFM's AGM on July 5 in Manchester.

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