Our approach

Working with 3edges has resulted in the co-creation of a really innovative toolkit, which works through the early stages of a project to arrive at a solid design brief, ensuring that project aims are aligned with strategic goals, and that staff are engaged throughout the project.

3edges were able to unlock the problems and suggest how we could work better, challenging us and providing valuable insights into the latest workplace thinking. Working with them was enlightening, productive and fun. There’s a sense of true collaboration that I find missing from interactions with other consultancies
— S.O.

All clients are unique, so the way we work with each client differs too. We work with energy and enthusiasm to get the best from each other. Above all, here’s what we stand for:

Co-creation – you’re responsible for the success of your business. Our role is to enable this. We aim to deliver with you, not for you - an approach that leaves you more capable and informed

Independence – workplace leadership is not workspace design. We don’t promote preconceived solutions or favoured suppliers. We believe in challenging convention, not reinforcing it

Bespoke – all businesses and workplaces are unique, so the way we work varies accordingly. That said, our work is always underpinned by robust methods and innovative thinking

Genuine – we work hard to develop close, mutually valuable relationships with our clients. This involves being true to our own values. We’ll challenge and push you where necessary, and encourage you to do the same to us

Responsive – our ability to respond quickly and positively to unforeseen changes is a key strength. This is a prerequisite for dynamic projects to deliver the best outcomes with you